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Applying for Divorce

The first item which you will require is your Original Marriage Certificate then assuming you meet the Divorce Requirements, proceedings are commenced by either party attending at their local Circuit Court office with the following documentation:

Family Law Civil Bill.

This is the main document and it outlines the story of your case to the court.

Affidavit of Means.
This document outlines your current financial position. The majority of Courts throughout the country require this document even in cases where there is no financial dispute between spouses.

Affidavit of Welfare.
This document outlines the current arrangement regarding the care of your children. This document is only necessary where there are children of the marriage.

On attending the Circuit Court Office with the above documents the Court office will “issue” the proceedings. (This is the start of your divorce proceedings)

The Court documents must be served on your spouse within certain time frames and in a certain manner. If your spouse wishes to defend the case, he/she must file other documents within particular timeframes.

If your spouse does not wish to defend your case and/or is consenting to it you can apply to Court for a date for hearing of your application for Divorce.

The Court case will be “in camera” ie, in private apart from Court staff, yourself, your spouse and any legal representatives.

If you feel you are ready to take the next step and move forward with your life then please click the Standard Divorce purchase your Starter Pack now. We will then call you over the coming days to explain the process to you and to answer any questions which you might have. We will then send you out a questionnaire which you will complete and return to us. As soon as you return same to us we will then complete your divorce papers and you will be ready to apply to your local Circuit Court office to start your proceedings. We will be available to help you over the phone and via email at ever step of the way.