Offices in Dublin and Kilkenny


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Divorce Fee:

Standard Divorce €599

Ex Parte Docket * €75
*When your spouse lives abroad, an Ex-Parte Docket may be necessary. If an Ex-Parte Docket is required we charge an additional €75. This necessary in some (but not all) divorce applications where the respondent lives abroad.

Additional Costs for You

Registered Posting (if necessary)   €5.25 per item
Affidavit Signing €10 per Affidavit

Do you require a Pension Adjustment Order?

If you have a Pension, we strongly recommend that you get a Pension Order at the same time as obtaining your divorce. The simplest thing to do is check with your Pension Company and explain your circumstances – they should be able to advise you if you require the order.

What does the order do? It removes your current spouse as a beneficiary of your pension. Basically if you want to ensure that your current Spouse has no claim to your Pension in the future, you should obtain a Pension Adjustment Order.

It is important to note that the only way to remove your spouse as a beneficiary from your Pension is to obtain a Pension Adjustment Order.